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We do not allow just any couple to attend simply because they registered. Each couple that participates in an SOS Insight course is extensively screened to make sure the course is appropriate for the current state of their relationship. This serves two purposes: a) So they receive the promised outcomes, and b) they won’t be disruptive to the transformational process for the other couples attending.

You are allowed to reschedule for another SOS Insight course at any location where it is being offered for up to one year after your original scheduled date. See the SOSInsight Course Terms & Conditions for further details.

We stand by the course 100%. This means if you have gone through at least the first two days of the course and feel you are not receiving the full promised outcome of a complete transformation to your relationship emotional and sexual fulfillment we will issue a complete refund of your registration fees (usually within three business days). You can review the details of our Assurance Outcome and refund policy by going to SOSInsight Course Terms & Conditions

We currently limit each course to a maximum of 30 couples. This allows the Course Leaders to fully work with each couple as necessary during the 2 ½ day workshop.

We provide a discount to employees of many major companies who have a proven history of providing certified Employee Wellness Programs. If your company is currently not among those for whom we offer an employee discount have your HR department contact us at to inquire about that possibility.

We do not allow any disrobing or intimate touching (other than light kissing between partners) during the group sessions. The only time you and your partner are encouraged to be sexually interactive is during your time at home. Some of the “homework” includes non-mandatory sexual exercises, starting with the evening of DAY 2.

The SOS Insight course is an experiential couples workshop that results in the total transformation of participants emotional and sexual fulfillment. It includes group discussion, some lecture, and practice (both on site and as “homework”). You can find more details by going to What is the SOS Insight Course? and SOS Insight Course Overview sections of this Website.

This particular version of the SOS Insight course is exclusively for monogamous heterosexual couples.

Most of the principles covered within the SOS Insight course apply regardless of sexual identity or orientation. However, this particular version of the course is strictly for monogamous heterosexual couples (i.e. male and female gender partners). Another version of the course specifically designed for LGBTQIA participants is currently in the early planning stages.

The SOS Insight course is NOT therapy. It is designed to make sure you and your partner: a) never need to go to therapy, and b) have ongoing access to total and continually growing emotional and sexual fulfillment. If you are looking for couples therapy please find a qualified couples therapist prior to applying for participation in this course.

The SOS Insight course is NOT therapy nor a form of marriage counseling. It is designed to make sure you and your partner: a) never need to go to marriage counseling, and b) have ongoing access to total and continually growing emotional and sexual fulfillment. If you are looking for marriage counseling please find a qualified marriage and family therapist (MFT) prior to applying for participation in this course.

Only the Course Leaders have access to your full application and registration information which is kept strictly private. During the group sessions your name tag will only show the first name by which you want to be called. No last names or contact information is disclosed to any of the participants or the public at any time during or after the course unless you give explicit written permission for us to do so.

It is not uncommon for participating couples to form friendships with each other during the course. You are free to share your contact information with whomever you want. We will not provide that information to any of the other participants without your explicit written permission.

You are not required to bring anything other than a writing instrument (pen, pencil). We will provide you with a workbook to record your thoughts, insights and breakthroughs. We recommend that you wear comfortable clothes and shoes and are welcome to bring snacks for during the breaks as long as they do not require refrigeration. Notebook computers, tablets or any kind of recording devices are not allow whatsoever. This prohibition includes the use of smart phones to record audio, video or take photos.

The SOS Insight course requires the full participation of both partners. If either one of you is not willing to participate fully then this will be revealed during the application process and you will not be accepted into the program.

The SOS Insight course is designed to be absolutely comprehensive and self-contained. There is no “advanced” version of this course simply because that material is already included. Should you and your partner decide you would like a refresher by taking the course again, this is allowed (subject to space availability) at 50% of the then-current normal registration fee for the city/date you select.