Growing emotional and sexual fulfillment –for life.

SOS Insight Course Leaders

SOS Insight Course Leaders

Every SOS Insight course is personally lead by Michael J. Russer and Jacqueline Lopez. Their extraordinary relationship has been documented in dozens of media interviews, well over 100 articles in major publications and public speeches, including a TEDx presentation (University of Nevada Reno). It is also the foundation for the development of the SOS Insight course. And, their respective backgrounds make them uniquely qualified to guide other couples to fully incorporate this powerful, transformative relationship technology into their lives.

In addition to leading SOS Insight courses, Michael and Jacqueline speak (pro-bono) to cancer support groups and Gilda’s Clubs in the U.S. This is to empower cancer patients and their partners regain their intimacy in the face of cancer and its treatment.

Michael J. Russer – Coleader and Course Creator

Michael is an international speaker, author and thought leader who is also clinically impotent as a result of prostate cancer. In turning what most would consider a huge tragedy into triumph, Michael considers his impotence to be one of the biggest blessings in his life. It is because of his impotence that he and his partner, Jacqueline Lopez, discovered an entirely new approach to experiencing levels of emotional and physical intimacy and connection that far exceeds anything either had prior to when things were working “correctly”. Their deep analysis of how his impotence “re-wired” their approach to and experience of intimacy lead directly to the advanced Sexual Operating System™ model of human intimate behavior.

Earlier in his career he was a programmer and systems analyst in addition to being an international technology speaker and adult education curriculum developer for over 15 years. This background, along with his extensive experience with transformational pedagogical methodologies enabled him to rigorously “codify” their relationship experience into the SOS Insight course

It is his personal mission in life to help couples achieve ever-growing levels of extraordinary connection and sexual fulfillment and create a “firewall” that protects them against diminishing intimacy.

Jacqueline V. Lopez – Coleader and Course Cocreator

Jacqueline is a native of Brazil and Paraguay. Her cultural perspective enables her to bring a very empowering and uninhibited feminine sensuality perspective to the SOS Insight course. This is crucial given how most Western societies tend to be repressed and uninformed with respect to female sexuality. Her absolute authenticity and integrity was the fertile soil in which the transformative discoveries underpinning the SOS Insight course were able to fully blossom.

Her background includes being a Certified Public Accountant, public speaker, radio host, CEO of a Web Development firm and TEDx organizer. In addition to single-handedly organizing, launching and selling out the Chumash TEDx event in San Luis Obisbo, CA, she founded the Santa Barbara Chapter of the American Wine Society and founded (and later sold) the Central Coast Women’s Network.

Jacqueline is passionate about helping all people achieve their highest possibilities whether within their intimate relationship or as an individual human being making a difference in the world.