Growing emotional and sexual fulfillment –for life.

SOS Insight Course Outcomes

SOS Insight Course Outcomes

Upon completion of the 2 ½ day workshop, you and your partner will achieve profound breakthroughs in every aspect of your relationship.

In fact, you can expect a total transformation in your overall relationship fulfillment in the following areas:

Extraordinary Emotional Intimacy

Gradual loss of emotional intimacy is typically the first step towards overall diminished relationship fulfillment. After Day 1 of the course, your sense of deep, abiding connection you feel for each other will increase significantly. And, this connection will only continue to grow after the course the longer you are together regardless of external stressors or circumstances.

Extraordinary Sexual Satisfaction

For most couples, the “honeymoon” period represents the high water mark of their sexual satisfaction. And, it’s typically a gradual downhill from there. Your “homework” after the second day of the course will give you a glimpse into what is truly possible in terms of sexual satisfaction and fulfillment.

Also, you will experience the complete and permanent elimination of performance anxiety (for both partners). And, you will have the insights and direct experience to achieve levels of sexual fulfillment most people can barely imagine possible.

For example, here is what a “typical” sexual encounter often looks like for committed couples:

And here is what is possible, if desired:

Essentially, whatever you experienced during your honeymoon period becomes the baseline of what is to come after the course.

Finally, the profound shifts to your relationship beliefs and behaviors will serve to keep your sexual intimacy fresh, exciting and very much a fully alive adventure no matter how long you are together.

Greatly Enhanced Communication and Conflict Resolution Capabilities

The ability to consistently communicate authentically and vulnerably is a rare trait within relationships. Before the end of Day 1 you will be giving an incredibly powerful and proven tool that is unique to the SOS Insight course. With it you can handle any kind of relationship fear making it far easier to communicate effectively in all situations.

This gives you both the confidence and ability to mitigate relationship anxiety, conflict and intimacy-destroying emotional wounding. It also means that drama becomes a thing of the past.

Improved Relationship with Family, Friends and Coworkers

The shift in your beliefs and behaviors surrounding emotional intimacy will also have a significant positive impact with the other people in your life. This includes having more genuine connection with family, friends and coworkers. Even people you meet in the checkout line or on the street.

The reason for this is quite simple: How you show up as a fully authentic and present human being will change how others show up for you.

Greater Productivity

When your intimate life is not where you would like it to be, it will impact your productivity and enjoyment of work. In addition to eliminating distractions due to a less than totally fulfilling relationship, the SOS Insight course will completely redefine your notion of how to achieve your highest levels of productivity performance. Performance that flows naturally from a state of being fully Present in all situations, not just in the bedroom.

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