Growing emotional and sexual fulfillment –for life.

SOS Insight Course Overview

SOS Insight Course Overview

The course (restricted to a maximum of 30 couples per session) takes place over two and a half consecutive days (typically Friday through Sunday afternoon). Each full day starts at 9:00 a.m. and ends at approximately 9:00 p.m. During each full day (Friday and Saturday) there are mid-morning, mid-afternoon and mid-evening breaks that last 15 minutes and a 30 minute lunch break around noon. There is a one-hour dinner break starting around 5:30 p.m.

Each day of the SOS Insight course is designed to transform a specific area of your relationship fulfillment as described below.

DAY 1 – Transformation of Your Emotional Intimacy

A deep sense of emotional intimacy that can withstand the stress of time and circumstances is the very foundation of all other forms of intimacy. Without this foundation, no matter how great your sex life currently is, it simply will not last.

By the end of this day you will have a significant shift in your beliefs, perceptions and behaviors that result in your ability to:

  • Handle any relationship pain;
  • Eliminate relationship suffering;
  • Eliminate the power of fear to sabotage your relationship;
  • Handle most relationship conflicts effectively without drama;
  • Mitigate “hard-wired” gender-based factors that often lead to relationship failure;
  • Consistently communicate powerfully and authentically with your partner;
  • Consistently open your heart fully, vulnerably and authentically to your partner;
  • Achieve extraordinary emotional intimacy that grows stronger over time;
  • Create the foundation for extraordinary physical intimacy and sexual fulfillment.

DAY 2 – Transformation of Your Physical Intimacy

It is not uncommon for committed couples to have a strong sense of emotional intimacy yet be frustrated with a less than fulfilling sex life. This second day of the course focuses entirely on the physical side 1 of your relationship using the breakthroughs of DAY 1 as a starting point.

Upon the completion of the exercises assigned to you at the end of this day, you will have a significant shift in your mutual experience of physical intimacy that includes:

  • Substantially greater overall mutual sexual fulfillment;
  • Far more intense and frequent sexual Peak experiences;
  • Never feeling that your needs are not met;
  • The ability to make love for hours without fatigue (should you desire to);
  • Complete elimination of performance anxiety (for both partners);
  • Receiving just as much or more sexual fulfillment by giving rather than receiving;
  • The ability to unlock the nearly unlimited potential of feminine sexual energy;
  • The use of both feminine and masculine energy within both partners to enhance pleasure.

DAY 3 – Advanced Intimacy Beyond the Emotional and Physical

Achieving and maintaining high levels of emotional and physical intimacy is one thing, having them consistently grow over time requires something else. During this last half-day of the course you will be introduced to very powerful contexts beyond just emotional and physical intimacy that most couples don’t even know exist, much less get to experience directly.

This last session builds upon your relationship transformations of the first two days. It will provide you with the shift in beliefs, behaviors and experiences that will serve to grow, keep fresh and exciting your overall relationship fulfillment for the rest of your time together.

By the end of this day’s session you will have the insights, tools and direct experience to consistently achieve:

  • The ability to incorporate both partner’s inherent masculine and feminine energies to further enhance your experience of physical intimacy;
  • Connection at the deepest levels (beyond emotional or physical);
  • Transcendental “Unity” with your Partner;
  • The ability to keep maintain and grow extraordinary intimacy of all forms for as long as you are together.

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