Growing emotional and sexual fulfillment –for life.

What is the SOS Insight Course?

What is the SOS Insight Course?

The SOS Insight course is a unique relationship technology for committed couples provided as a 2 ½ day intensive live experiential workshop.

It incorporates the breakthrough Sexual Operating System™ (SOS) model of human intimate behavior to radically transform your mutual emotional and sexual fulfillment.

It is NOT therapy nor about fixing broken relationships. It is in fact designed to create a “firewall” against future relationship breakdown.

It also provides a proven, replicable process to achieve and consistently grow extraordinary levels of emotional and sexual fulfillment for the lifetime of your relationship.

Experiential Transformation

The SOS Insight course provides a total transformation of your emotional and sexual fulfillment in just 2 ½ days.

Traditional instructional learning produces, at best, incremental change over time. Transformation is a fundamental, rapid and permanent shift in one’s beliefs, behaviors and resulting experiences. In this case, surrounding your sense of fulfillment:

Intensive transformational courses are unlike any other kind of “training” or education. They are very powerful and are designed to replace your limiting beliefs and behaviors with those that are much more effective in achieving the results you want. By definition they take you out of your comfort zone to give you an opportunity to really “see” and experience what is possible. Possibilities that you otherwise didn’t know existed or wouldn’t risk exploring on your own. The SOS Insight course creates a safe and controlled environment for this to occur.

Lifelong Relationship Benefits

Have you ever wondered why changing behaviors and attaining desired outcomes is so difficult? It’s because most human behavior is driven largely by unconscious beliefs. Without shifting those, no lasting change can occur.

During the SOS Insight course your fundamental beliefs, behaviors and understanding surrounding intimate relationships are replaced by far more empowering ones. This happens through the process of “upgrading” your default Sexual Operating System.

And, because you put these changes into immediate practice during the course (the experiential part), the transformation becomes permanently anchored and sustainable.

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