Growing emotional and sexual fulfillment –for life.

Who is the SOS Insight Course for?

Who is the SOS Insight Course for?

The SOS Insight Course is for heterosexual1 couples who are in a committed monogamous relationship and have not yet experienced deep wounding or serious conflict. For most couples this means those that have been together for five to seven years or less.

Your Relationship is Already Good

Ideally, you and your partner already feel good about your relationship, yet have seen the beginning signs of diminished intimacy and fulfillment over time. And, you are open to exploring how all aspects of your relationship (emotional and physical intimacy) can be greatly enhanced and continue to grow and deepen the longer you are together.

Perhaps you are experiencing one or more of the following:

  • Sex is not quite what it used to be, or you are noticing a difference in sexual desire and compatibility between you and your partner;
  • You have fallen into routines that have made aspects of your relationship seem almost perfunctory (i.e. on “autopilot”);
  • You are not feeling “heard” or appreciated as much as you would like;
  • External stressors of career, money, health, kids, etc. or distraction are starting to impact your mutual sense of connection or emotional and sexual fulfillment;
  • You are seeing signs of gradually increasing levels of frustration and conflict;
  • You are beginning to see signs of shut-down or disconnect as a reaction to relationship conflict.

These forms of diminished intimacy and fulfillment are very typical for even the best of relationships. And, they are exactly what the SOS Insight course is designed to eliminate. Now, and for the life of your relationship.

You are Coachable

The SOS Insight course works most effectively for couples who are coachable and willing to hold themselves accountable to doing the prescribed “homework” at the end of each day.

Coachability simply means a willingness to suspend judgement about the material being covered and doing the exercises assigned without resistance or excuses.

Who This is NOT For

The SOS Insight course is not appropriate for all couples. If your relationship is experiencing ANY of the following we strongly suggest you seek professional couples therapy before applying for this course:

  • Extensive emotional wounding, resentment and conflict;
  • Ongoing infidelity;
  • Physical or emotional abuse;
  • Where either partner exhibits an ongoing state of being shut-down or disconnected from the other;
  • Where either partner has experienced past sexual abuse or trauma that has not been fully resolved;
  • Where either partner exhibits pathological narcissistic or passive/aggressive tendencies;
  • Where either partner is under current regular care of a mental health professional.

The above list is not necessarily comprehensive. Also, if either partner is not willing to fully participate in the course, it will preclude both of you from being allowed to participate.

We reserve the right to refuse any couple access to the SOS Insight course that, we determine at our sole discretion, do not meet minimum requirements to participate.

The Application and Registration Process

Upon registration, all couples must also go through an application process before being accepted into a SOS Insight course. This simply means each partner independently completing a brief confidential survey so the Course Leaders can make a reasonable determination if you and your partner are eligible to participate in a SOS Insight course.

Every SOS Insight couple goes through a screening process to make sure they and the other couples participating in the 2 ½ day workshop receive the greatest benefits possible.

1 While most of the principles taught and transformational experience provided also largely applies to the LGBTQIA community, this particular version of SOS Insight is designed for couples in heteronormative relationships. One exclusively for the LGBTQIA community is currently in the early planning stages.


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