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Why Most Committed Relationships Fail

Why Most Committed Relationships Fail

Relationship Failure means either partner at some point no longer feels completely fulfilled emotionally or sexually. It results in ending of the relationship, or worse, staying together and settling for less than what each of you want and deserve.

And chances are, you have already noticed some diminished connection or reduced sexual fulfillment within your own relationship. Almost all couples do after their “honeymoon” period.

Here’s the thing: The very forces that brought you together when you first met and fell in love are the same ones that are to blame for causing most relationships to eventually fail.

The Human Sexual Operating System™

The human Sexual Operating System™ (SOS) is a collection of genetic and cultural based drives, beliefs and behaviors, primarily for the purpose and support of procreation (i.e. species survival), that has significant influence on nearly all aspects of intimate relationships.

It is an advanced model of human intimate behavior that both explains relationship failure and provides the tools and insights to prevent it from happening.

The Committed Relationship Life Cycle

The Committed Relationship Life Cycle is what happens to even the best of relationships when the default Sexual Operating System™ is left unchecked:

Under this scenario, the gradual erosion of intimacy and fulfillment typically results in relationship failure. Or at best, an eventual incremental rekindling that never approaches what you both had during your honeymoon period.

Fortunately, by “upgrading” your Sexual Operating System mutual emotional and sexual fulfillment can consistently increase over time, rather than diminish:

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